Friday, July 22, 2005

Vacation and Irons

I'm not that good at regularly update this blog. Well, I blame society. Recently I picked up some golf. I even went as far as purchasing a set. 2 fairwaywoods, 2 hybrids, 7 irons, 1 putter and a bag. A long time ago, maybe 10-15 years ago, my family and I started playing. As my father and my big brother got more competetive and irritated when things didn't go as planned on the course, I lost interest. But since two of my friends started playing for fun, I gripped my clubs again. And since the clubs I used back then isn't quite as modern as I wanted them to be, I got some new ones. I hope to get better and maybe join a club later.

My 2 weeks vacation will begin in little over two weeks from now, and I'm looking forward to it. A week at my family's summerhouse and some canoeing the other week is on the menu. I hope the weather will be agreeable.

It's really boring here at work now. Almost everyone are on vacation. ARRRARGHHH.

Well, I hope there will be a nice weekend.