Saturday, January 29, 2005

Disillusioned and bad delivery

I can't believe the crazy guys at TNT Express. They're the ones delivering the iPod (sorry for being too hung up on the iPod). They tried to deliver it yesterday at 12. No calling before, just showing up and trying to deliver at noon on a friday. HELLO!? People do work around here. I thought it would be more sensible business wise, to try to make sure people was there to receive the goods, but I guess I'm wrong there. It's annoying anyway. Well, they called later and said that they would come between 12-14 on monday.

I saw Sideways yesterday. Cool movie with a slow tempo. A lot of wine in it too. I think Paul Giamatti is excellent playing disillusioned middle-aged men. See American Splendor if you haven't, it's a bit strange, but really watchable.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Flutes and work

Almost one week since last post. And I'm back working. As usual, there's not much to do but surfing the web and watch some divx episodes. As long as it pays, I'm happy.

The incision still feels strange, but I'm not wearing bandages anymore. The scar will be quite big and so far, the sensitivity isn't quite back. I can't feel anything but pressure on some places around and on the scar. Imagine when your arm or leg has fallen asleep. Almost like that.

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of American Pie on ZTV. I've seen it before, but some things still cracked me up. "This one time, at band camp..." and "-Finch! Finchie! -Stifler's mom!". Lovely movie. And I got really annoyed when I couldn't remember the name of one of the songs.

I'm still waiting for my iPod, but I hope it will arrive today. I've tagged my mp3 archive in anticipation. ;) So far the iTunes collection is 24 Gb and I've only imported ten of my 450 CDs.

Anyways, I believe the weekend will be relaxing and a lot of movies will be watched.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Retreat and the Digital age

The incision is healing fine, but I can't help thinking it's going to slow. Well, I guess the old proverb: "Time heals all wounds" is applicable here. I will soon be able to do the stuff i used to do.

On a sidenote, I will finally enter the new digital age of music. I've ordered an iPod. A nice 40 Gb iPod with my name engraved on it. Now I only have to rip my 450 CDs too. It will take a while, I imagine. I will probably give up before I've done it, too. But it will at least fit on the iPod.

I've been living at my Mom's for a week and a half now, and the lousy bed here is making me wanting to go home to my own humble abode. I think I will retreat to my apartment this weekend. It has been a good stay, but I think it's time to move on.

Friday, January 14, 2005

A new year and abdominal pain

I haven't blogged for a while, which you will see has a natural explanation. It isn't because of the tsunami in Asia or the storms in Sweden or the Huygens probe on Titan. It's because my (too long) stay at the hospital due to an infected appendix. In the evening of monday, December 20, my stomach began to ache. I thought it was a minor problem, but when tuesday came and I hadn't slept much at all due to pain, I started to worry. I went to the "ER" or what it's called (akuten in swedish) and they thought it might be some flu or something else. They told me to come back if it got worse or if I got a fever. Two days later in agony, I went back and they saw that I had a fever of 39 degrees, they suspected an infected appendix. I went to the big "ER" at Sahlgrenska and they took a lot of tests and the appendix was to be removed. But then they saw some strange readings on one of the tests, so they tried to fight the infection with antibiotics. A week went by and it got a little bit better and then it got worse. They decided to remove it anyway. So they did. When I woke up it felt a little bit better and a little bit worse. Not the same pain. They had to open up quite a bit, because it appeared that the infection had spread a bit in the abdominal cavity. They had also inserted a drainage for getting out pus out of the infected area. Not nice having a bag on the side of your stomach filling up with yellowred liquid. And they couldn't sew me right back together, because bacteria likes tight sutures. My 20 cm incision was held together by 4 sutures. Anyways, a week later they removed the drainage and when I saw it I thought I was lucky not to have known how long the tubes was that had been inside of me, it was close to 20 cm long. Ouch. Two days later they sew me up with 10 more stiches and a day later I got out. 18 days at the hospital. No christmas, no new years. Only bad hospital food.

Well, now I've been at my mom's to recuperate and to regain some weight. Dunno how that's working. I went from 72 kg to 65 kg in the hospital. It still hurts somewhat to straighten out and to walk around. I hope it will be better real soon.

Anyway I saw The Incredibles today. Quite entertaining, but it would have been nice to see Jack Jack more. I still think Shrek is the best animated move with Finding Nemo a close second.