Friday, February 18, 2005

Deskcrawling and Mice

My piece by piece acquisition of a new computer continues. I now have an Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard and an AMD Athlon XP 2500+ processor. So what's left? Memory, processor cooler, graphics card (my old one doesn't work on 1.5V AGP ports) and I'm thinking of a new cabinet. I hate crawling under my desk to plug in/out FireWire and USB cables. I hope to get my hands on used memory and graphics card. I don't need a fancy graphics card as long as it got a good TV-Out connection, I don't game on the PC. I'm hoping to get a used G450 graphics card cheap. It's almost the same as my current graphics card, the G400, but it will run on 1.5V.

I find that I've found some good music by watching The OC. The album Good News for People who Likes Bad News by Modest Mouse is great. Quirky, but nice.

Tomorrow is the annual d6 omsits. All of my mates from my year, 1998, will be there. I hope we will have a good time. It's also the first time since the appendix situation I will have more than one beer. Not too much, though.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Motherboards and crowds

Yesterday I was at Charm, a job fair on Chalmers. Since I'm looking for a job, I thought I'd better go there and have a look. As usual when I got there, I wanted to be somewhere else right away. I don't like small talk with strangers and I don't like crowds (not in a phobic way, I just want to be able to move unrestricted.) And these two things are what job fairs are all about. In the end, I ended up checking the place out and had a coffee and a "semla" with my big brother, who was one of the exhibitioners. But at least I started to check for jobs again after my bout with my appendix.

And finally my iPod is here. Three days after I got it, I had it filled with 28 Gb of music. Mostly mp3's. I've also begun ripping my CD collection, but I've only gotten to D. I guess I'll have to delete some of the bad music later.

I've also won an auction for a used motherboard, and I will now have to buy a new processor and memory. I had forgotten I made a bid for it, and when I got the mail that I had won the auction I was a bit flabbergasted. The upgrade is good, though, since my current motherboard was purchased in 1998. And I hope that my CD ripping will go faster with a new processor.

By the way, if anyone know of a good job for me, please don't hesitate to give me a shout.