Saturday, October 01, 2005

6 months and counting

Always far between posts. I had two weeks fun vacation. One week at the summerhouse, taking it easy and slow. Then a short detour to Denmark with a couple of friends. We went to Hven, Odense, Ballen and Copenhagen. Fun and rather cheap too. Then there have been more work.

The two month project is now on 6 months and counting. I don't complain since that makes me valuable for the company. I've also been involved in other stuff at work. Two weeks ago I went with a collegue to Paris for a course. One week in Paris was great. Lovely city. I only wish I knew more french. I might be needed for more contact with France, and that would be great.

I've also taken the "license" for playing golf at real courses. It was not that hard, and now I will have to find a club to join. I've played some golf at a couple of open courses, that means that you can play even if you're not a member of a club. Mainly I've been playing with my dad. I hope there will be some opportunities for some training on the driving range this winter.

Well. Now it's off to the keyboardplayers birthday party.